Your global crypto payment infrastructure

Depay provides the essential backbone for crypto payments worldwide.
By connecting with Depay, payment-related companies can expand their solutions and tap into the future of digital transaction.

At Depay...

We enable payment processors and gateways to accept crypto through a very simple integration


A one-stop-shop solution

For the physical world

we allow POS companies to accept cryptocurrency payments across all their terminals.

For the online world​

we provide gateways the option to offer our QR code on their online checkouts.

Depay is the first interoperable infrastructure for crypto payments

We are connected to more than 300 wallets that have more than 20 million users worldwide.

Cash out options​

Receive crypto​

Depay offers the option to leave the collected cryptocurrencies either in our partner's account or directly in the merchant´s account.

Receive Fiat​

Depay receives crypto payments and transfers the equivalent in fiat currency to the partner. Ensuring that our Partner is never in possession of cryptocurrencies.



Differentiation from competitors​

Offer your clients to accept crypto payments, which enhances and increases your value proposition

New source of income​

Generate new income through the commissions charged to clients

New payment method​

Add a new payment method, offering more and better services to your customers

Reputation and image​

Position the company and brand as innovative and pioneering, enhancing your image and reputation

Payments Methods

Benefits Debit Card Credit Card Crypto Wallets
Low commisision fees Yes No Yes Yes
Instant Payments No No Yes Yes
Dollar payments No No Yes No
International payments No No Yes No

Gain access to a network of leading wallets,
ensuring global reach for your transactions​


Your clients will be able to receive payments in crypto from millions of wallets around the world.